Gustav Branner AG

We support companies with capital, and, if appropriate, in the structuring of an investment. Integrity is our highest value. We are dedicated to social, economic and cultural engagements. Our participation is sustainable, ethical and meaningful.

Placing economy into the service of its people. Since 1891.


Shaping business for the good of mankind. This maxim has been valid since 1891 and is the center of action for all companies who refer to Gustav Branner.


We invest in businesses; we arrange mergers and acquisitions in share or asset deals. If required, we support management and monitor the success of an investment.


Gustav Branner AG is resident in Bern, Switzerland with an office in Ittigen. Do you want to know more about our activities?
For an initial contact, do not hesitate to write us a letter.



Gustav Branner AG
Talweg 17, Postfach 176
CH-3063 Ittigen
Verwaltungsrat: Adrian Loepthien
UID-Nummer: CHE-387.518.789

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